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When your baby says hello to the world by crying for the first time, you absolutely know that you should prepare a baby room before. You buy a lot of things for your little darling such as clothes, diapers, baby bottles, pacifier, milk, and so on. But I am pretty sure that one thing you should be almost forgotten. It is a good whole house humidifier! Do you know the reason why you should purchase this machine?

Good points for having a whole house humidifier for babies

By using a whole house humidifier, baby’s lung can work better because debris and dust could be removed before they breathe.

Your baby even gets a cold or a runny nose; they feel comfortable with the air in the room. The vapor from the machine supports to minimize the mucus clogging in their noses, throats, and chests as well. So, their bodies can recover again from illness and they probably fall asleep easier when they get an infection or flu.

Moreover, the moist air generated by a whole house humidifier gives reducing skin problems for babies and adults as well. Dry eyes, dry skin, itchy skin, chapped lips are one of the most popular signs for lacking a humidifier in the room; especially when people live in dry weather or in the winter season.

Some parents agree that a humidifier helps their babies get a better sleep even though the rhythmic hum always happens in most of the machines. This is because the device produces slight noise which will become the melody for babies and toddlers get the main sleep easier.

How to choose the whole house humidifier for babies

There is no denying that you may see tons of brands on the market with the whole house humidifier. Nonetheless, please keep in mind that humidifiers for babies and toddlers are special and different from products for adults. These product lines also have several categories for babies and toddlers that you should pay more attention.

Cool mist humidifiers

I like the cool mist humidifiers because they do not contain any kind of heating component. The vapor in this device makes the room temperature cooler.

The major benefit of the humidifier is that it diminishes the danger of toddlers and babies being scalded. This is unexpected incidents that most parents do not want to see in their little jars of honey.

Please note that your baby will be burned when he or she gets closer to a warm mist device. These units are accessible for those who have croup.

Warm mist humidifiers

Some children doctors recommend parents should use a warm mist humidifier more than the cool one. This is because the unit can produce warm mist and kills bacteria, viruses, and germs as well.

Your babies can easily breathe with the warm mist humidifier as the warm air supports their lungs smoothly work and babies feel comfortable at all. The unit also relieves the mucus to make their nostril breathe without much hassle.

Although a warm mist humidifier seems to be more expensive than the cool mist one, this is a worthy investment for your babies and your family at the same time.

Tabletop humidifiers

A tabletop humidifier is one of the most commonplace selections for infants and toddlers. This looks like portable and gets a compact size so that every parent can move the unit whenever they want to. Remember that this device just works to moisturize the air in a room which is placed only.

Console humidifiers

If you want to save budget to use the whole house humidifier to moisturize the air in the whole house, go with the console humidifier. They are obviously bigger devices than the tabletop humidifiers. In general, they have about from 5 to 9 gallons of water at once time to produce moisture air.


Some precautions of using a whole house humidifier you should notice and take account of

Do not get a conclusion that a whole house humidifier is not durable device when you ignore some points to maintain it for a while. Here are a few precautions you should bear in mind.

Clean the humidifier on a regular basis. This will help the humidifier areas do not stick bacteria, germs, and viruses. Read the manual to know how to sanitize the unit correctly.

Keep the machine stay away from your children. With a warm mist humidifier, the air from the unit can get burned to their skin when they sit or lie close to the device. Never take the humidifier for your kids to play as their toys.

Try to use distilled water. It is considered to utilize this water type as it is quite fresh and good for our health. However, you should read the instruction carefully and view some buyer’s experience with this idea. Is it good for your humidifier?

In a nutshell, it is necessary for your babies and toddlers to use a whole house humidifier. It is also tremendous for other members; especially if someone has respiratory issues such as asthma, cough, chronic sinusitis, etc.


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