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Service Learning Texas has formed a partnership with the Texas chapter of FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America) to explore ways to strengthen student leadership through service-learning and the FCCLA mission to support the character development and personal growth of youth. Because both organizations work to develop strong youth leaders, Texas FCCLA has adopted service-learning methodology and is working to strengthen this best practice. When students become leaders in serving the community, they use technology to research real community needs, track progress on service projects, and then present their work to administrators, parents or city officials. As they work with community partners, students learn more about possible careers and begin to understand and appreciate the depth of knowledge that adults can bring to the experience. SLT is establishing a presence for service-learning at FCCLA events and developing materials that show how easily the Texas LEADERS model of service-learning can be integrated with the FCCLA planning process to strengthen and deepen both practices.