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Encana Oil & Gas (USA) is an innovative and responsible natural gas and oil producer, providing energy for communities across North America.

Encana strives to be a leader in corporate responsibility and is proud of its progress, recognition, and commitment to continuous improvement. Encana’s success is dependent on having strong policies, leading practices, achievable programs and effective actions performed by staff who always strive to do what’s right.

Encana focuses on corporate responsibility activities in the areas of its people, safety, the environment, engagement and community investment, each of which are described on the company website. Encana also has an annual Corporate Responsibility Report, which provides details of performance in each of these areas for the previous year, with data comparing three years of performance. The report also includes compelling stories that show how the company puts its policies and practices into action.

One of the ways that Encana demonstrates its corporate responsibility in Texas is through an investment in the Texas Healthy Habitats grant, which is engaging 15 school and non-profits across the state in service-learning projects designed to improve or restore the natural environment. These projects, which are managed by Service Learning Texas in collaboration with Texas Par