How To Choose The Best Air Compressor That Provides Efficient Cooling And Other Benefits

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The job of the compressor is to compress the air conditioning system’s refrigerant that flows and reaches the compressor. After substantial compression, the refrigerant moves towards the expansion
valve, and then to the evaporator of the air conditioner or refrigeration unit. The capacity that the compressor has denotes the capacity of the air condition system.

There are mainly 4 kinds of the best air compressor for the money that are used for the air conditioning machines and for refrigeration purposes. These include the reciprocating, rotary, screw and scroll and compressors.

1. Reciprocating

Reciprocating and rotary air compressors in UAE are the most popular compressor options, in use today. The reciprocating or the piston compressors provide for easy maintenance and can work with ease at the highest of pressures. They can be noisy.

2. Rotary

The rotary air compressors, on the other, have rotors that rotate in directions opposite to each other, and the air that goes between them reemerges at greater pressures. The rotary compressors have larger capacities, and if you are looking for a compressor that has to be included in the air conditioning system of a big office or in an industrials set-up, then these are the worthy buys. They are more expensive but have lesser noise during their operation.

3. Screw

The screw compressors have screws which mesh with each other and compress the system’s refrigerant. The screw compressors in UAE use less power than the reciprocating compressors. They suffer from a short life-cycle of operation but offer the best efficiency and performance figures. They do not work well in the dirtier environments.

4. Scroll

These air compressors in UAE use spiral disks for compressing the refrigerant. These compressors have a smooth operation and work in a quiet manner. They have got the best efficiency as well. Their disadvantage is that they cannot be easily repaired. These compressors are mostly used in the automobiles and in the commercial chillers.

While buying an air compressor, you must bring in notice certain points that provide for an effective purchase. For instance, if you choose a small compressor, then it may not provide sufficient amount of cooling. If you purchase a large one, then you are wasting money, as the compressor will have higher efficiency and capacity than required.

Maximum pressure

Different kinds of compressors offer different kinds of pressures. The single-state compressors compress the air via. the single stroke of the
piston. Here pressure up to around 150 PSI is attained. The two-stage compressors compress air in 2 stages or steps. In the first step, the air is compressed to attain an intermediate range of pressure. In the next stage, it is piped through the intercooler, and here it gets cooled. After sufficient cooling, the air gets compressed once again. The 2 stage compressors can attain pressures of around 200 PSI. If the pressure requirements are greater and large, then the 2 stage compressor pumps can only be used.


CFM or Cubic-Foot-Per Meter is another way of measuring the capability and efficiency of a compressor. You must add around 30% more to the given CFM requirements as it would provide a buffer in cases of uncommon or unknown usage of the compressor. All leading compressor manufacturers provide the CFM capacity of their compressors, and the machines with higher CFM can provide greater compression, and hence faster and greater cooling.


Selection of the right and reliable compressor manufacturer is also very important. Only the best and most renowned of companies use the best materials and products in their compressor manufacturing processes. These products are also certified for their safety and reliability. The better companies have a wide and efficient distribution network, lesser delivery time and an efficient and 24/7 available customer care.

Depending on your cooling requirement, you can select any one of the compressors listed above. Look into aspects like maintenance, efficiency, power usage and other factors to make a wise decision.

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How To Choose an Air Compressor

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